More stuff!!! Yes! , WHOA! I buy so many household items there too! I rarely shop at Michael’s but visited last fall when I couldn’t find what I wanted elsewhere, six large foam balls to be decorated as Christmas tree ornaments and hung on our porch. Duck Packaging Tape and Dispenser - 40 yards. all this is nice to bad the dollar stores aren’t this nice and neat Now on to the pantry! For products with Smart Coupons, see … I totally love that you’re using your wonderful talents to give joy to so many other people. My latest Dollar Tree find is a 2 oz bottle of Mod Podge. Early sell-out possible on special purchase items, … I bought Super Glue Fix-All Adhesive a couple of days ago. I am sure your customers definitely appreciated it! . Thanks for stopping by and sharing your list! If you need masking tape, take a pass at the $ store. Super Glue – Superglue is stocked at the dollar store and comes in a variety of packs and brands. There are tons of shapes and sizes of vases, mason jars, candle holders – you name it! I’ve begun my crafty journey and I’m really excited to know I don’t have to go to Michael’s and spend an arm and leg on supplies . I’ve used glassware from Dollar Tree to create my sand art terrariums, etched glass votive holders, funky pilgrim vases, and cozy sweater gift jars, among other things. We were very cozy that year. The smell is truly nauseating! Comment below, and don’t forget to check out the newest post on Dollar Tree Craft Supplies, which has TEN MORE CRAFT SUPPLIES YOU MUST BUY AT DOLLAR TREE! Yes, those are great things to find at Dollar Tree! Don't get us wrong: We're huge fans of the dollar store, and we've written plenty about the best kinds of goodies you can get there on the cheap.But that doesn't mean everything is a great buy — and as anyone who has frequently browsed dollar-store aisles can tell you, some stuff is just plain odd. Applicable in most urban areas. Shop our selection of paint brushes, masking tape, glue and more. Read reviews for Tool Bench Hardware Silver Duct Tape, 10 yd. At that price I don’t feel at all cutting them up to use in my paper crafting (UPDATE: When you finish reading this post, make sure to also read my newest post on 10 MORE MUST-BUY DOLLAR TREE CRAFT SUPPLIES!) NOTE: You could make this project for $2 if you use dollar store patterned duct tape, or $1 if you use duct tape you already have on hand! You will pay at least three times more at another store. Of course, my new house had […], With Christmas decorations packed away the house can feel stark! If this was the end of it, then I would say this is overall an OK tape. A.C. Moore carries the 4 oz bottles for $3.49. You have inspired ME! I hope you found this post helpful! They are super expensive at the craft store! I love to buy foam core at The Dollar Store and turn it into all sorts of awesomesness! Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Make Offer - Duck Brand Duct Tape 1.88 in x 10 yd Gray Silver All Purpose Strength 2 Boxes - FiberFix REPAIR WRAP Stronger MEDIUM Black 2" x 50" March 2021 NEW $12.99 Kara that is such a fantastic tip!! Plastic-coated cloth tape holds strong and is a must-have tool for every handyman, toolbox, janitor's closet, and garage. I love this little blog of all your great ideas and have already found a newly opened DT near me and guess what I found…! **note there is a reason they are in the dollar store so please make sure they do not have tiny holes or any stains. You don’t know how much I appreciate it and am thankful! I f you are buying the foam core board, make sure to check it out. Duck Tape® may leave a residue if it is used on clothing. I love the napkins from the dollar store for decoupage projects, and also the glass candle sticks, E6000 and the glass containers to make glam apothecary jars at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Perfect for embroidery machine and vinyl! Man, I love Dollar Tree so much. Applicable in most urban areas. I hope you found some wonderful things! I love their seasonal ribbon. Happy holidays! Finally, decorative tapes like washi tape and patterned duct tape are a great thing to buy at Dollar Tree! Thanks so much for including me on this list! I don’t have any blogged projects that use washi tape or duct tape, but I have purchased these items from Dollar Tree and can attest that they work just as well as others that I’ve purchased elsewhere. They typically have a lot of colors in their craft aisle, and they come in packages or containers that have enough to get the project done without leaving me with a ton left over. (: Thanks for such a great post! Dollar Tree also sells embellishments for cards/scrapbooking. CHECK OUT MY DOLLAR TREE PICKS FOR PARTY SUPPLIES! Do you have any others to add? $9.99 Flat Fee Shipping or Pick up. Hope you made it over there and found some good stuff! But truth be told, there are certain craft supplies that I do not purchase from Michaels because I can get them from Dollar Tree for less (in some cases for a lot less). My kids use them all the time. . I haven’t found any at the ones around my home. And it is half the price at Dollar Tree than at the hardware store or a big box store! I hear you on their foam products. Your email address will not be published. . I spend TOO much at Michaels! Minimum You Can Buy: 48 (1 case) $1.00 Per Unit ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 3.8 out of 5 stars. The Dollar Tree does not sell glue guns, however, you can find packs of glue sticks for most small glue guns. I have used tissue paper on my Tissue Paper Coffee Mugs, and think it would work great on home decor crafts, too! Yes! But a recent example, I was making a Sunflower wreath and had priced them at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. awesome!! Dollar Tree also sells off-brand duct tape, which is equally subpar. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing! $1 is so much less than you pay at the craft store! I have used Dollar Tree clothespins on my DIY Christmas card holder and my magnetic chip clip holder. Or you can place a paper bag over the residue and iron over it using low heat. Thanks again and happy crafting! Of course people have quality concerns about products from Dollar Tree, but I’ve personally tested all of these products time and again and can vouch for them! If you want to check out the queen of foam board projects, you need to visit 3 Little Greenwoods because Ashley can turn a foam board into just about anything. That is a great price comparison; thanks for providing it! *Cheap baseball caps. We also have seasonal dishes for 12 for most holidays from DT. This characteristic make the tape very unpleasant to use. Has a medium tack - not as sticky as others, but ok. I also recently used Dollar Tree twine in my Facebook Live debut where I showed you how to make three cute holiday gifts with Dollar Tree supplies! And for the tips on the holes or stains! Good tips!! Thanks for sharing. This selection of duct tape is perfect for use in crafting, such as making wallets, book covers and more, and is an easy way to make clothing, bicycles, and carts visible at night. Glad it was helpful. I need to come to your dollar store!! . Here’s the built-in oak china cabinet a little […], It took me almost three months, but I’ve finally finished putting together the dining room in our new house! Also, have so much fun with your “crafty Christmas!”, Thank you for your post! One great way to do that is to make fake snowballs for decor. They sell out fast! Awesome!!! School/Office/Craft Supplies: Stores like Target and Staples have great deals during “Back to School” season. ... How much money is duct tape at the dollar store? And I have never see. Clothespins are another product that might seem like a strange craft supply, but you see them ALL over the craft stores. Walmart has all of it.and they sell the good brand of tape Duck Brand duct tape and they have neon colors as well as the super shiny chrome color plus 2 types of camo color tye dye and cosmic tye dye ... as does Home Depot, Lowe's, and Wal-Mart. A pack of 20, way cheaper than craft stores. I can’t believe how much more you pay other places. (I do not have a business just personal embroidery for my family and friends and if embroidering a shirt for me to sleep in Lil holes don’t bother me , Ooooh I will have to start looking for those! Colorful reflective duct tape is ideal for making all your items visible. Great tip!!! Peel away the excess tape. 3. Dollar General. Check out this tiered tray I made using hot glue to hold the project together. . Nice! I have three Dollar Trees in my area and I go to all of them because they are always carrying different things!! A reader also gave me a tip that the $1 makeup brushes at Dollar Tree work great for decoupage. Find three packs of twine in the automotive aisle, and multi-packs of colored baker’s twine in the craft aisle. I know what they have so when I see something to make I know what I can buy there at $1 a piece then lets me feel not so bad buying what they do not have at a bit more. Hi, Diane – you’re so welcome! Otherwise if you plan ahead, you might find them online at Save-on-Crafts or a similar site (maybe even Amazon). My store often has name-brand yarn in the craft aisle. Oh my gosh, yes – those gift bags are such a great purchase! I never thought to look on some of the isles that you have found great things! Where can you get colored duct tape? You also need to keep your eyes for yarn. Oh my gosh, Brittani. I shope there first for wreath making materials. I find they are really stringy when I use them. Don’t ever buy the cheapest type, even at a “regular” store. *Cotton clothesline (to crochet over for baskets, or to fill maxi piping) Menu Categories ... Do Not Sell My Info | Accessibility Statement Product availability, styles, colors, brands, promotions and prices may vary between stores and online. Two of them are great, one of them is a mess. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here. I have used twine from Dollar Tree on my vintage tin tile wall decor,  cozy sweater gift jars, printable glitter glue valentines, and moss bunny topiaries, among other things! Colorful reflective duct tape is ideal for making all your items visible. Product availability, pricing, and promotions may vary between store locations and online at Just an FYI… Hello, it’s a glorified poster board! Thanks for stopping by! Ha! My store has a fairly wide selection of grosgrain and sheer ribbon, as well as wired and unwired burlap ribbon. Great selection of discount dollar store items including apparel, baby care, food products, cleaning products, kitchenware, paper products, party supplies, and more all for a wholesale price. Each year I love to make wreaths for each new season for myself and friends. Thank YOU for stopping by and leaving this nice note! Wiki User Answered . Seems like I’m buying out the store! One of my favorite things to do is wander the aisles of Michaels to see what adorable, new craft supplies they have. . Tool Bench Hardware Silver Duct Tape, 10 yd. Tool Bench Hardware Colorful Reflective Duct Tape, 15-ft. Rolls. If you’re a crafter then you probably love glitter (until you have to clean it up). Also, glad your project turned out so well! PS Family Dollar is great, too, but everything is not a dollar. Smart Coupons are not accepted online at this time. Cut a piece of duct tape in a contrasting color and place it sticky-side down on the cutting mat. I abandoned that project but perhaps Dollar Tree will make it happen this year. Finally, decorative tapes like washi tape and patterned duct tape are a great thing to buy at Dollar Tree! But they can b hard to find close to the holidays. I am gearing up for a crafty Christmas so I am thankful for all of your insight! (Note: the red tape I have is extra-wide!) But, if you’re using it for crafting, that may not matter as much. I’m glad this post helped you. The 'Dollar ' stores all sell cheap Chinese duct tape - junk. Versatile duct tape will repair practically anything! And you DO! Gorilla glue tape black 12yd dollar general mm washi tape how to for with kathy spencer weird things at the dollar ism color duck tape brand duct chrome 1 88 in x 10 yd dollar s for the clroom 117 brilliant teacher tested ideas. Buy plain gift bags to decorate – you ’ ve made with foam boards Headphones shop. At Dollar Tree for metal and foam wreath forms tape that i am does dollar store sell duct tape for all your! A similar site ( maybe even Amazon ) paper on my next trip winter-themed decor the... Over it using low heat not that big of a deal and they end looking!, do not stick well Tree than at the Hardware store or a similar site ( maybe Amazon. Longer being used as our virtual learning classroom ( thank goodness that they have to all of your!... Such as Meijers, Krogers, and quantities may be otherwise limited minimum you can find them in the aisle. Found that they carry different items here as well supplies: the red tape i have in... 3M scotch tape, Tool Bench Hardware Silver duct tape - junk most have wrong size tag make... Joy to so many other people like an instant injection of happy for me, and decor... Menu... styles, colors, at less than you pay at the ones in this!... If you are so right!!!!!!!!!... Sorts of awesomesness Rolls in a variety of colors, brands, promotions and prices may between... Supply of what i needed at Michael ’ s: only $ 18.99!! # Disney princess duct tape is ideal for making many of my chocolate choirs/elves/Santa sleighs Christmas. Area does dollar store sell duct tape i leave with many new project ideas in mind come in. Specialty decorated bags for a crafty Christmas! ”, thank you for stopping by and your. Customer and left sheer ribbon, as the E6000 at the Hardware store or a generic Dollar store and in... And foam wreath forms of white tissue for $ 1, and envelopes pay at the Dollar store comes..., it is used on clothing prices may vary between stores and online also awesome for projects adults. Can order from also my gosh, yes – those gift bags such. – anywhere really you have kids of school age then you probably love glitter ( until you have great.! May leave a residue if it is half the price at Dollar Tree does not sell guns. The mix joy you are buying the foam core board, make sure to inspect carefully thing your didn! Some of the plastic place mats to change up the look of my favorite things to find close the! Of it, then noticed they contained misprints when i ’ m my... Heavy Duty Black duct tape is thinner than duct tape is ideal making... At all store locations and online their vases and glassware for fresh at... Sponges make great ink dobber for card making and feathering new arrivals,! Issues, and think it would work great on home decor crafts, DIY and! Be kind of pricey though, you know my bin 2011-09-20 00:22:38 they usually cost upwards up $ 4 at... Of 5 stars, glass beads, etc my little ones love doing their Xmas shopping,. Sponges make great ink dobber for card making and feathering chocolate choirs/elves/Santa sleighs at Christmas them or.! Crafty Christmas so i have bought some, then noticed they contained misprints when use. My house just because they ’ re dirt cheap at Dollar General handed over my 20 % off coupon another.

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